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Give TIME, not toys

Simply create a wishlist of ACTIVITIES for your loved one, set a monetary TARGET and ask friends and family to contribute! The easy, eco-friendly alternative gift experience!

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Making it All about Time

A wishlist can help you reduce your family's carbon footprint, kickstart a new hobby or simply save you finding somewhere to store all those unused toys! Create those WOW! moments that will last a lifetime and invite your friends and family to be a part of it. Simply find a supplier in our browse function to start saving or, if a supplier isn't listed, have the money you raise sent back to yourself to pay for activities- Easy Peasy!

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What are your loved ones passionate about? Do they want to win a gold medal at the Olympics? Sing and perform in front of thousands of people? Whatever your child’s dream, GTFK allows friends and family to contribute towards their hobbies and interests as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic toys!

"Such a great idea"

"Now for birthdays and Christmas my sons can enjoy receiving the activities they want”.

Nichola Buckley, Sutton at Hone

This site is Inspired

"The perfect solution to the conundrum of what to get for your child's friends' birthday. And the best way to fund all those classes your child wants to do. Everyone's a winner!."

Felicia Bromfield

How It Works

1 Create wishlist, tell us who, how much, and what it is for

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2 Ask friends and family to contribute

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3 Reach your target, send the money back to yourself to pay the activity supplier of your choice and then enjoy!


Become a supplier

If you are a supplier of Children’s activities, we’d love to hear from you. Please click on the link below, giving us the relevant details and will be in touch soon. Please note, as a minimum we require you to have public liability insurance and comply with our Supplier Agreement.

Contribute to a wishlist

You can give as little as £5 towards a Wishlist which will be put towards sports and fun activities. For the protection of the children listed, you must have the Unique Wishlist Reference number and password which would have been sent to creator of the wishlist, our wishlists are not searchable by name.

Our Suppliers

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